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This is one of the many website maintained by Wim Vos.
Wim loves to scout the Dee River or explore  the Cairngorms mountains and hills in his spare time.
Unfortunately he works all the time. At present he lives and works in The Netherlands.

Wim Vos is a professional systems administrator, computer network engineer and Joomla and WordPress website specialist. As such he runs his own company. He actually listens to his customers and comes up with fresh and clean solutions. Wim is an independent contractor and thus advices the best for his customers. His strength is in finding and resolving all technical related problems.

If you have any questions regarding computers: Wim Vos is the right person to contact. He repairs and maintains computers all over the world, as long as your computer is working slightly and connected to the internet he can usually fix it.

On top of that Wim has a good working knowledge of electronics, hydraulics and an interest in zero-point energy.

Wim is also interested in technology and the mind. Trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming and a professional experienced lift-engineer he explored the possibility of communicating with machinery. Sort of like; "after washing your car it runs better" or "while you bring your car to the garage the fault you take it there for, disappeared". Ahhg don't call for the white coats just yet...

Perhaps the world around us as we experience it, might be an illusion?