Your own Webshop, easy

As PrestaShop 1.7 specialist, I can help you build your own web shop. Take advantage of the present low value of the Euro.

PrestaShop is an open source e-commerce platform that users can host on most websites.

PrestaShop Used by thousands of business organizations and entrepreneurs all over the world, PrestaShop is one of the most popular on-line store solutions, boasting of extensive and robust features and integrations to help users build their on-line stores from scratch.The system is backed by a large community with over 800,000 members who are working to keep PrestaShop exclusively dedicated to open-source e-commerce.

PrestaShop Benefits
First and foremost you own your own web shop, you can take is to another host easy without having to leave your content behind, you are not losing the hard work you have put into a shop.

It is free forever with a community of open-source experts supporting it to keep it that way.
Store elements are customizable so you can bring in your corporate elements and make the stores your own.
Stores and internal functions can be improved with add-on modules.
Extensive feature sets for managing product listing, payments, shipping, manufacturers and suppliers.
Integrations with a wide host of leading business services and applications.

PrestaShop Features
Vast selection of customizable e-commerce themes
Mobile commerce
Powerful Store Builder
Intuitive Interface
E-commerce Analytics
E-commerce SEO
Over 50 world-class payment solutions and gateways
Shipping configuration and partnerships
Configurable Tax Rules
Seamless customer checkout
Integrated customer service tools
Powerful set of integrations

Want to start your own On-line Web shop Business? give me a call, or e-mail me.