Windows 10 upgrade icon gwx.exe in taskbar

Since April 2015 a windows 10 icon appeared in the task-bar to promote Windows 10.
A program called gwx.exe (Get Windows Ten) is installed as an update KB3035583 and also KB2952664 to allow you to reserve Windows 10 on your computer..

There are people who do not like that intrusion, but UN-installing and hiding these updates will not work and the icon will come back.
If you click the icon you download Windows 10 (approx. 3 Gb) onto your computer, ready to be installed.

Windows 10 is still in its infancy and has still many privacy breaches. Therefore not everybody wants to switch over to Windows 10 just yet.

To get rid of this annoying icon download a graphical un-installer for these updates

It can be downloaded from: Download: “I Don’t Want Windows 10”, run it on your computer and use advanced mode. Your computer has to be restarted afterwards.

You can reinstall the updates until June 2016 if you decide you want Windows 10 after-all.

Use this advice at your own risk, Always make a backup prior to doing anything to your computer. I cannot be made responsible for any result in the use of this advice.